Greece Animal Charities and Wildfires


Fazoo shelter in Greece burns down in south east Attica, just a few animals could be rescued...
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The wildfires in Greece are just terrible to see, absolutely heart-breaking.  So many animals will have died as a result of the fires - the wildlfe, pets and livestock, horses, donkeys, mules.  Rhodes, has been devastated, Corfu is on fire as well.

So I'm putting a list together of animal charities in Greece and also of animal charities going to Greece to help, or helping rescues and charities already in Greece.  Now, some of them lower down don't have any reference to the fires, but I have included them anyway.   

Greek Animal Welfare Fund, now called Animal Action Greece

The charity have an Emergency Wildfire Appeal.  They say there are countless dogs and cats roaming the streets, some of these are strays, and many are injured.  There are also a lot of horses and donkeys, mules and farm animals, many of whom will be injured who need help.  Dogs Voice are a local animal rescue organisation, and aided by voluntary veterinarians from Εθελοντική Δράση Κτηνιάτρων Ελλάδος (Ε.Δ.Κ.Ε.) , they have set up a pop-up shelter and veterinary clinic in Galatsi. 

Animal Action Greece's partner, ANIMA is a wildlife hospital in Athens and they are also treating injured and displaced wild animals who have been rescued from the flames. Find out more and please donate here

Visit ANIMA's webpage here

Animal Survival International

The charity is also 
working with the Wildlife Rehabilitation Association (ANIMA).  They say animals are dropping from dehydration and exhaustion, birds are falling from the sky, animals such as tortoises are perishing in the flames.  In the first two weeks of July, ANIMA treated 1,000 animals injured in fires and affected by extreme heat waves. Animal Survival International say, "Evacuations and rescue efforts are currently underway, and with the threat of lingering heatwaves and wildfires spreading, wild animals don’t stand a chance if we don’t help right now."  They are looking to raise $10,000 (£7,627) to help pay for critical rescue supplies, equipment, and life-saving treatment for animal victims of scorching heat and wildfires.  Find out more and please donate here.

Network for Animals

The charity's partners Alma Libre - Hellenic Animal Rescue (ALHAR), Corinthia Animal Rescue (CAR), and Make it Pawsible (MIP) (Peristérion, Greece) are working around the clock to save as many lives as possible. They have already rescued over 600 dogs, cats, and farm animals.  They say there have been many tragedies, including a rescue who lost many dogs to the fire.  These local charities are desperately low on resources as they battle these terrible fires, and Network for Animals are raising funds to rush them emergency funding for veterinary care, food, and fuel for transporting animals to vets for critical treatment and to areas of safety.   Find out more and please donate here.

Greek Animal Rescue

This charity is dedicated to alleviating the suffering of the abused, abandoned and neglected animals of Greece.  The primary focus is to promote, co-ordinate and provide funding for sterilising campaigns.   Find out more and donate here

Takis Shelter

Takis Shelter currently cares for over 400 dogs and cats.  They are based in Lerapetra, in the south of Crete.  Since 2014, they have re-homed over 600 animals.  Find out more and donate here.  (They say, please be aware of scammers asking for paypal donations and use only their donate page to donate which is on their website.

Friends of the Strays of Greece
Friends support animal welfare groups throughout Greece, help to improve shelters, run sterilisation programmes, raise funds for food & veterinary care, and help to find homes for Greek dogs & cats.  Find out more and donate  They also have advice for tourists

Arc Animal Sanctuary,  Lefkada
Their primary goal is rescuing animals in need! We do TNR (trap-neuter-release) of some animals and offer adoptions of others to homes anywhere in Europe.  Find out more and donate here.

Caring for the Animals Trust (CARAT)
They work on rehoming, fostering, fundraising, travelling out to Greece to escort dogs to new homes, organising sterilising campaigns with local vets who came to Greece free of charge to neuter strays; anything to help the animals and the wonderful animal rescuers who work so hard in often impossible conditions in Greece.  Find out more and donate here.

Fires spread fast, especially in hot, dry conditions. The direction of a fire can change with the click of fingers, as the wind changes.  Please take a moment to consider:  are you and your animals prepared to evacuate fast? If you don't have any animals of your own, how could you help those around you?  And please remember:  leave water out for wildlife.