Please help the Great Barrier Reef


Please help the Great Barrier Reef - stop industrial destruction NOW.   Germany is about to host the 39th session of the World Heritage Committee starting on 28th June and there are literally hours to put pressure on it to boost protection to the Great Barrier Reef. 

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef ecosystem on earth.  It covers 348 000 square kilometres.  It's one of the richest and most diverse natural ecosystems on the planet.   1,500 species of fish and 400 species of coral. 6 of the 7 species of marine turtles are found in the reef’s waters, along with other rare species like the dugong and the snubfin dolphin.

Threats to it according to the WWF Australia include:

  • Dredging is undertaken in Great Barrier Reef waters so that large coal, gas and other bulk carriers can access ports.

  • Plans for new megaports along the coastline, including one of the biggest coal ports in the world at Abbot Point

  • The Reef could become a shipping superhighway, with up to 7,000 ships criss-crossing the Reef every year.

  • Some mining companies appear to have a development-at-all-costs attitude to the Great Barrier Reef. 

We've only got a few hours yet to spread the word.   Over half a million people have added their names to the petition to stop this destruction now and call on world leaders to defend World Heritage under threat.

How much more of this world is the human race going to destroy?   Join in and demand a ban on dumping dredge spoil in this precious home to endangered marine turtles and rare dugongs.  Please sign the petition NOW