General Election 2017 - what do animal charities say?




In the UK on the 8th June, the UK had a General Election.  BREXIT has featured highly in political discussions, as has immigration, the health service, our safety and other issues. 

Here's a round up of a few animal charities and their concerns and thoughts.  

Compassion in World Farming
Write to your local candidates and ensure they make higher welfare farming a priority.   For the sake of everyone, people and animals, a series of changes are needed to the way the world is fed.  We need a new farming system.  This is a chance to tell local candidates that you want them to end the cage age, to ban live exports, to stop the unnecesary use of antibiotics, to introduct mandatory labelling and to introduce a Good Food Act.  Click here to write to your local candidates (and it's easier to do than you think.)

Woodland Trust
Woods and trees don't get a say in this election but UK voters do.  The Trust has a PDF leaflet with questions to raise to your local candidate.  Woodlands are essential to all our wellbeing, people and animals.  This leaflet has questions you can pose to your local candidates to find out whether they will protect ancient woods and trees, and champion trees as health improvers.  Animals need our woodlands - they provide habitat to millions of wildlife.    

Wildlife Trust
The Wildlife Trust have quite rightly said that this has never been a more important time for nature.  The stakes have never been higher.  Crucially, Wildlife Trusts want to see the transfer of all current EU environmental laws into statute in the UK and that they are policed, and to enact an Environment Act to restore the ecology of our riveres, farmland, soils and cities.  It wants to see the protection of our marine wildlife through a network of marine protected areas in UK seas, and sustainable fisheries policies. And it wants to see new sustainable policies for our farmland to allow wildlife to thrive alongside food production. The Wildlife Trust has a number of key questions you can put to any candidates, with added questions if you can get longer with them.   Click here to see what those questions are

Animal Aid 
As Britain prepares to leave the EU, Animal Aid says there is a danger that 44 European laws relating to animal protection could be weakened or repealed altogehter.  MPs need to fight and preferably strengthen these laws.  Show the candidates in your area how important animal welfare is to you.  Animal Aid wants MPs to  pledge to retain existing animal protection legislation should they be elected, and campaign for greater animal protection through new measures.  You can find out where the parties stand on a range of animal welfare issues here 

Cats Protection
Britain's national cat charity are calling on every candidate in this election, regardless of party, to commit to making a difference for cats over the next 5 years by supporting their 2022 Agenda for Cats.  About a quarter of UK homes have a cat, with an estimated population of 11 million cats.   That's a lot of miaowing.  So you can help by printing off their 2022 Agenda for Cats and discuss it with your election candidates when they come calling or if they come up to you in town.  You can also email your election candidates to tell them about Agenda for Cats,  and also give your support to their petition to change the law on air gun ownership in England and Wales. 

Marine Conservation Society
The Marine Conservation Society has produced a manifesto asking for UK Seas. It is calling for all parties to complete an ecologically coherent network of well-managed marine protected areas in UK seas; to ensure sustainable UK fisheries and aquaculture and to introduce a deposit return system for single-use drinks containers and a comprehensive ban on microbeads to significantly reduce marine litter. 

Greener UK
Greener UK is a group of 13 major environmental organisations.  Together, they have a combined public membership of 7.9 million.  They believe that leaving the EU is a pivotal moment to restore and enhance the UK's environment.   Click here to see their Manifesto

Help ensure that the laws that protect animals are not weakened, repealed or replaced but that protections are instead strengthened and extended.  Humane Society International and other leading animal protection NGOs are urgng all political parties to include commitments to animal protection in their manifestos so add your voice here! 
This gives you the chance to email you MP to find out if they would #keeptheban on Fox Hunting has a number of petitions, including (at the time of writing) 

Theresa May - HONOUR The Conservative PLEDGE To End The UK Ivory Trade

U.S. Governors: Join the Climate Alliance – Resist Trump's Efforts to Destroy our Planet and Economy 


After the election is over, please check out these charities' campaign pages and see what you can do to give your support to campaigns they are running.