Elephant Corridor Appeal - Join the effort to help elephants and safeguard their traditional migration route



The World Land Trust has reached its target of £750,000 to save this wildlife corridor, thanks to its supporters.


The World Land Trust works to save threatened habitats by buying land, leasing land, and working with locals to help them manage wild land sustainably.  It goes for projects for good reasons, such as the projects include wildlife corridors.   These enable wildlife to move from one area to another.  

Wildlife Corridors are essential to wildlife 

Many of these corridors will be well known and tested to animals - a bit like us driving up a motor way and knowing there will be a service station along the way, the animals will know where they can get water, that sort of thing.  It's essential for wildlife to move about to find mates etc, because if they don't, inbreeding could occur which could harm the line of offspring.  

Indian elephants are large animals, to put it mildly, and they need lots of space to find enough food to sustain them and their size.  The human population is growing rapidly, leaving less space for animals to live and also cutting through many wildlife corridors.   Without the wildlife corridor, the conflict between humans and elephants will become inevitable. 

Help protect a wildlife corridor for elephants

Support the World Land Trust's
Elephant Corridor Appeal

At the moment, the World Land Trust is working with the 
Wildlife Trust of India to safeguard the traditional migration route of Indian elephants.  You and I can help elephants in India and help their conservation project - regardless of where we are in the world - by donating to this project through the Elephant Corridor Appeal.

The appeal aims to raise £750,000 to extend and protect the Mudahalli Corridor.   So far, at 1 February 2017, nearly £650,000 has been raised and another £106,000 is needed.  

This elephant migration route is located  where the Eastern and Western Ghats meet in southern India. The corridor will connect two tiger reserves.  The World Land Trust is working with families who live on the borders of the corridors, and who will either sell their land or opt for alternate land in a safer location.

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Here's the Mudahalli Corridor... 

Here it is - the Mudahalli Elephant Corridor.  You can help secure it with a donation to the Elephant Corridor Appeal

You can help protect a vital wildlife corridor in India by making a donation to this year's Elephant Corridor Appeal for the World Land Trust.  

The Elephant Corridor Appeal will also secure a far bigger landscape for elephants than the actual area of land the corridor occupies. Other wildlife in the reserves connected by the Mudahalli Elephant Corridor includes Bengal Tiger,Indian Leopard, Dhole, Gaur, Sloth Bear,  Grey Langur and Bonnet Macaque, and Indian Antelope.  Movement of wildlife along the corridors will be recorded to give a good picture of how they are using it. Please help this vital work.   


Imagine going to work tomorrow knowing in your heart that you are helping to save Indian elephants through this project!