Donate your old £1 coins


So in the UK, the old £1 coin will cease to be legal tender from midnight on 15 October 2017. They will be replaced by the new £1 coins. So what can you do with your old £1 coins?   You can help animals with them, that's what!

Here are some animal charities who will be very grateful to you for your old £1 coins.   

Born Free Foundation
You can complete their online form to get an old coin card, which you can fill with your coins and send in.  Help support Born Free's campaigns and work to help wildlife. 

The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation is running a Pounds4Pangolins appeal.  Pangolins are heavily trafficked, and one million of them are believed to have been illegally traded in the last 10 years according to DSWF.  Your donations will help support their work in Uganda and Zambia.  Find out how to donate your old £1 coins here

RSPCA Westmorland Branch
Your old £1 coins will help them save strays in the area.  They are based in Kendal, Cumbria

National Animal Welfare Trust
Donate your old £1 coins to the NAWT and help a rescue animal in need.   Click here to dig for more info and here to see their local centres - Cornwall, Essex (there are 2 there), Hertfordshire, Somerset and Berkshire.  

Forever Hounds Trust
The Trust helps greyhounds and lurchers find their Forever Homes.   Race over for more info here

Canine Partners
Donate your £1 coins to Canine Partners and help transform lives.  Fetch more Info

Foal Farm Animal Rescue
The farm is having a competition against two other rescues to see who can bring in the most complete sets of 24 old £1 coins before Friday 15 September 2017.   They are racing New Hope Rescue, Birmingham Greyhound Protection and Moorlands K9 Rescue Find out more here from Foal Farm Animal Rescue