Special appeal: help the Blue-throated Macaw with the World Land Trust


The blue-throated macaw is a bird that's critically threatened with extinction.

Less than 250 still exist in the wild, found in just 2 sub-populations within the Beni Savanna of Bolivia, and this habitat is vital to the survival of this striking parrot species.  It's the only place in the world where Blue-throated Macaws are found in the wild.  They depend on the trees for food and nesting.

Please help my friends and I with a donation

Like so many other species on this planet, human activities are causing the logging of thousands of trees in this bird's habitat.  The trees on which the Blue-throated Macaws depend are logged to create posts for fencing cattle ranches and reserves.  The fences stop cattle straying; unfortunately they have to be replaced all the time because of humidity and fires.  So more trees are cut down, affecting the macaws.

You can help the World Land Trust enrich the macaw's habitat by supporting their appeal and ensure the survival of this stunning macaw’s population in the wild.   

Donations will help the World Land Trust's partner Asociación Armonía to create Bolivia’s first Natural Fencing project by planting 1,000 Vochysia ‘Aliso’ trees over two years in the Barba Azul Reserve in the first ‘natural fencing’ model in Bolivia.  The trees are an important food source for the macaws, and they are also resistant to the conditions which deteriorate normal fencing in the area;  fires, floods and humidity. 

Visit the World Land Trust to find out more and donate today.   There is some urgency to this appeal and time is running out.