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Brown Bear Jambolina heads for the green grass of Switzerland

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Four Paws sanctuary bring us news of Jambolina, who was rescued by Four Paws’ team in the Ukraine in December 2020.

Jambolina travelled from the Ukraine to her new home at the Arosa Bear Sanctuary in Switzerland. 

She was taken a special transporter and then she took a snowcat and cable car to the sanctuary which is over 2,000 meters high. 

Jambolina was born in a zoo in Ukraine and torn away from her mother and sold at a very young age.  She was trained in a circus bear and performed as an “attraction” in circuses in the Ukraine and abroad until March 2020. 

The owner of the brown bear couldn’t run his show because public events were cancelled and of course because of COVID-19 restrictions.  So the bear was kept in a box just a few square meters in the owner’s garage.  It was tiny – she couldn’t even stand upright.

Jambolina’s owner wanted her to have a good life.  And Four Paws became aware of her case and – since the Bear Sanctuary Domazhyr had no more space, it was decided that Jambolina would head to a new life at the Arosa Bear Sanctuary in Switzerland!

The Arosa Bear Sanctuary can house up to 5 bears and it encompasses an area of about the size of 4.5 football fields.  The bears have can enjoy an environment with fresh mountain air and lush greenery.   And the Sanctuary connects animal welfare and touristic development and it means that Four Paws can house more rescued bears.

Three brown bears are at the Arosa Bear Sanctuary at the moment, exploring their enclosures.

You can help care for them by making a donation.

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And Jambolina wasn't the only rescue in December!

Suzie and Bubloo were rescued from the Marghazar Zoo in Islamabad and they went to Jordan to safety there at the Al Ma'wa for Nature and Wildlife, a safe haven for animals rescued from crisis areas, irresponsible private ownership or zoos.   It was established through a partnership between the Princess Alia Foundation and Four Paws in 2011 to provide a regional solution for rescued wildlife.  Find out about their animals here


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