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Appeal for Fauna and Flora International and Boden Creek

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Fauna and Flora International & Boden Creek, Belize

Fauna and Flora International are looking to buy Boden Creek, a critical area of rainforest in Belize.   The area is a vital haven for species such as the jaguar, spider monkey and tapir.

The problem for Boden Creek in Belize 

Big agriculture wanted to buy the rainforest and turn it into a banana plantation.  Once they bought it, it would be legal for them to do this.

The impact on the animals would be catastrophic.   Jaguars, monkeys, toucans, tapirs and tamanduas will all lose their homes – and where will they go?

FFI launched an appeal to raise £200,000 to buy this land instead and bring the land under conservation ownership for wildlife.  A very generous supporter matched funds raised by 19.75, so a big thank you to him, her or them.  

And the great news is that this appeal has been successful so far!  I spoke to Fauna and Flora a little while ago and they had made very good progress to achieving this purchase. Anything over the amount needed to buy the land will go to the protection of Boden Creek in the future.

Please donate and help Fauna and Flora International save Boden Creek, Belize

Please donate. 
Help Fauna and Flora International
protect Boden Creek, Belize

Please donate and/or share the word!

So if you can donate and give the animals of Boden Creek a safe haven to call home, please do.

Why not give a donation on behalf of the big cat lover in your life as a gift?

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  1. Denise Davies

    Hi I've just donated to help buy boden creek, then I seen an article date 2016 that the land was for sale then, now I've just read was successful, in slightly confused! did you manage to acquire the land ? I hope so, are all the animals safe? Thank you for all you do to protect our beautiful wildlife and our planet. Denise & my rescued fur babys x

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  2. Jeff Waldon

    I represent a company that holds a VCS REDD project at Boden Creek. We would like nothing better than to work with you on purchasing the property. Happy to discuss it at your convenience. Jeff

    Posted on

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