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Prints for Wildlife - a fundraiser for African Parks

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African Parks currently have a campaign called Prints for Wildlife.  

It’s a fundraiser and the great thing is that you can buy a print AND help African Parks help wildlife at the same time!

So far, the campaign has raised $470,000.  There are 4 days to go (it finishes on 26 August 2020) and they are 300 print sales away from hitting $500,000.

Buy a print, and all the proceeds (minus printing and handling) goes to African Parks. Donors have helped African Parks (and I quote)

  • Protect over 11,400 western lowland gorillas and more than 10,000 elephants
  • Expand the black rhino’s range by bringing them back to Rwanda and parks in Malawi

  • Increase predator populations in eight countries including bringing lions back to Rwanda, and lions and cheetahs back to Malawi

  • Train and equip their ranger team of over 1,000 rangers who have created safe spaces for people and wildlife

  • And provided employment, education, and other critical services to tens of thousands of people

If you want to contribute you could think about purchasing a print before this Wednesday, August 26th or simply make a donation directly to African Parks, of any amount at any time. About African Parks It’s a non-profit conservation organisation which is responsibility for the rehabilitation and long-term management of 18 national parks and protected areas in 11 countries, covering 14.1 million hectares.

To help wildlife, African Parks undertakes research and monitoring, surveys, translocations and relocations.  For instance, they translocated 500 elephants in Malawi from Liwonde and Majete to Nkhotakota. Back in May 2017, they returned 18 Eastern black rhinoceroses to Akagera in Rwanda.  This helps establish a healthy, genetically diverse, self-sustaining populations to these areas.  

Don't forget - this fundraiser finishes on 26 August 2020.

Visit Prints for Wildlife here.

Donate to African Parks here (at any time, you don't have to do this by 26 August 2020).



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