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#GivingTuesdayNow is on 5 May 2020

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The 5th May is #GivingTuesdayNow which has been moved from its normal December slot on account of the coronavirus.

Many charities are really suffering from a lack of income and animal charities of course are no exception.  There are some big fundraising efforts going on and not just from charities but places where animals are such as riding schools, wildlife parks, city farms, nature reserves – everyone is suffering from a lack of visitors.   Wildlife sanctuaries are badly hit too of course – ADI has an appeal for their 36 big cats.

So I thought I would take the oppotunity to give a list of sites doing fundraising for charities.  It’s not an inclusive list.   You can help by donating, of course, but also spreading the word, visiting charities’ websites to see if there is anything else you can do to help.


Global Giving

JustGiving (Pets and Animals)

JustGiving (Environment)

Crowdfunder UK


Whatever is going on in the world, animals still need food, water and veterinary care every single day.  They have no idea of what is happening. They look at their food bowls and wait for dinner.  They go to their water bowl or buckets or troughs and need water (not as easy to provide in some parts of the world as we all might think – it may need to be bought).   They injure themselves and need veterinary care. 

There are obviously lots of fundraisers for people, especially the heroic carers who have put themselves at risk to look after others during this time.   Giving Tuesday is a chance to do more for them and as always to do more for the animals, those in our care, those who need our voices to stand up for them, and those who need protecting in the wild.

Let’s make every day a #GivingDay.  Let’s change the world for the better.  And whatever your animal thing is be it rainforest protection, clean oceans, rescued big cats, bears in bear bile farms, feral cats in Spain, lost dogs in the UK, let’s all pledge to make a difference from this very minute forward. 

Here are some which have been in touch for #GivingTuesdayNow

Humane Society International – Dogs on a dog meat farm in South Korea

All gifts up to $72,000 will be matched to help urgently rescue dogs, shut down a dog meat farm in South Korea for good and continue to fight the terrible cruel dog meat trade across Asia and more.

IFAW – illegal wildlife trade

IFAW want to shut down illegal wildlife trade and protect animals around the world.  They are aiming to raise £100,000 on #GivingTuesdayNow

Snow Leopard Trust

Donate to ensure herder families can sustain their livelihoods. Join us on this special day to support the people who live in snow leopard habitat and are helping to protect this iconic species.   Donate here

Lewa Conservancy Trust

The Trust is launching its Lifeline for Lewa on 5 May – it’s a fund to make sure that conservation gains and its positive impact on local communities is maintained during the coronavirus.  A donor has offered to match the first £20,000/$25,000 raised on Giving Tuesday.

AD International

Help big cats in South Africa.  Many have been rescued from circuses around the world and now they can enjoy freedom in a big cat sanctuary, but it’s been badly hit by the coronavirus.  Donate to Big Cats here.  

Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary

Like so many others, this Sanctuary urgently needs help to feed and care for the horses it looks after.   Find out more and donate here

I will add more as they come in.

VIsit the #GivingTuesdayNow website here

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