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Don't miss: Primates, starting on 26 April 2020 on BBC1 at 8:15

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Chris Packham is the narrator of the new series, Primates.

There are 3 episodes to this series, and the first shows the incredible strategies monkeys, apes and lemurs have to use to survive in the most unexpected places. 

For instance, a troop of capuchins in Brazil use and make tools to survive.  Drills on a remote island off Africa’s west coast have a social challenge:  males have to fight for their place in the hierarchy.  Those who can’t complete are exiled.

In India, lion-taileid macaques let giant squirrels work out which hulks are ripe, and then muscle in on the forest.

The Silverback mountain gorilla stakes his claim to dominance with a defiant display of strength;  and yet when his youngsters won’t respect his authority, he shows his caring, gentle and affectionate side in raising his young. 

Anyway, don’t miss this!   Here’s the programme’s website – there are clips you can watch!

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