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Petition to help the animals in a German Zoo

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You may heard about the plight of some of the animals at a German zoo.  The zoo’s income has decreased dramatically during the coronavirus pandemic.

The zoo’s plan – if they have to go this far – is to sacrifice some of the animals by feeding them to the others.  Deer and goat would be the first ones to be sacrificed.

Germany’s government could certainly provide emergency funding to help the zoo through this time.  At the least, they could help them rehome as many of the animals as possible, although it goes without saying that many zoos and wildlife parks will be in dire straits because no visitors means no income means no money with which to feed and look after the animals in their care.

The zoo has apparently applied for help from the German government, but the problem is that an animal’s’ needs cannot wait.  They need looking after every single day.  At the moment, the zoo is relying solely on donations.

There is very considerable debate about zoos and whether they should exist at all;  but such debate at the moment won’t put food in front of the animals at any zoo.

Care2.com have a petition you can sign demanding the zoo not to feed their animals to each other.  Every animal in their care deserves to live a long, full life.

The Neumünster Zoo is a member of Germany’s Association of Zoological Gardens and it has clarified on Twitter that they do not support this idea.  They are working to find a solution to help zoos in Germany who need help.

Germany's Association of Zoological Gardens, of which the Neumünster zoo is a member, clarified on Twitter that they did not support the idea.

You can sign the petition here



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  1. Kathleen O’Halloran

    Please don?t kill any animals !!

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