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Big Week at the Zoo on Channel 5 starting on Monday 19 August 2019.

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Helen Skilton and Nick Baker are back at Yorkshire Wildlife Park for the week on Channel 5 for Big Week at the Zoo, and the series starts on Monday 19 August 2019 at 8pm. 

And there are lots of different animals coming our way, from a trio of month old tiger cubs and a pair of Chinese alligators who are trying to breed.  Ex-JLS star J.B. Gill is trying to work out the sex of a sloth.

On Tuesday, vet Julian Norton (from the Yorkshire Vet) helps with a procedure on a huge Aldabra tortoise.  An Asiatic lion leaves Bristol Zoo – and another arrives!

A baby aardvark arrives at the Zoo on Wednesday whilst on Thursday, Janette and Alijaz from Strictly Come Dancing help out at Blackpool Zoo and the Asian elephants there. 

On Friday, Olmoti prepares to leave for a new life in Rwanda.  Olmoti is an Eastern Black Rhino and the hope is this move will help protect the species.

The purpose of the series is to celebrate the work that British zoos do for conservation.  

Visit the Big Week at the Zoo’s website here and find them on Twitter @bigweekatthezoo  

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