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Animal Rescue Live: Supervet Special on Channel 4 - starting Monday 12 August 2019

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STOP PRESS:   So far (16 August 2019) at 20:46, £420,000 has been raised.  The donation line will be open for another 30 days.  

Starting Monday 12 August at 8pm on Channel 4, there’s a series to encourage us all to fundraise for animals – Animal Rescue Live: Supervet Special.

Steve Jones, Kate Quilton and Professor Noel Fitzpatrick lead a live rescue show seeking to re-home rescue animals.   It’s also a chance to encourage us all to fundraise for animals.

There are five episodes in all.

The key things for this show are DAVE:

DONATE - Here's how

ADOPT from a rescue

VOLUNTEER for a rescue

EDUCATE about rescue

Find out more about the show here

Here's the website for Animal Rescue Live

PLEASE, if we all took just ONE action for animals, we would make the world a better place for them and for us.

Don't forget, World Animal Day is on 4th October and it gives us all a chance to make a pledge to help animals and do something for them.   

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  1. Elizabeth Vormawah

    I would like to volunteer. I live on the Wirral

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  2. Brenda Newley

    How do I go about adopting a dog? I like the one Noel was holding I think the name was Maisie with the black on her head.

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  3. Angela caplen

    I would like to donate online as I do not have a mobile phone. How can I do this, please?

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  4. Maxine Lewis

    We would like to adopt Marnie. We have an 18mth Frenchie neutered boy, he is the gentlest dog ever and very used to other dogs our parents have two bitches, skdo Frenchies.

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  5. Sandra Lumbard

    How does my charity apply to benefit from the fund?

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  6. Ray Larsen

    My wife and I visited our local shelter and after filling in all the forms we were rejected because we didn't have a closed yard or back garden. We are both retired and have plenty of time to give a dog a new life but sadly we can't.

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  7. Julie

    Please can you help is one eye a dog from hackney who's his owner was a lovely man but living on the streets

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    How can I donate online please.... I'm not able to do a donation on a mobile phone. Thank you

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    Where can I get the ball that tj Cooper was chewing I have a three legged rescue Staffi that chews every thing but Coopers ball looked indestructable

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