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World Chimpanzee Day is on 14th July

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World Chimpanzee Day is on 14th July every year now.

The 14th July 2019 is World Chimpanzee Day.

The goals of the day are to (and I quote)…

  • Celebrate our closest living relative in the animal kingdom;
  • Share understanding and inspire action by educating global audiences about their uniqueness, importance and similarities to humans;
  • Raise awareness about threats they face in the wild including habitat loss, disease, and wildlife trafficking and promote their proper care in captive situations.

It is hoped that the day will empower people everywhere to act to ensure a secure and hopeful future for chimpanzees.

100 years ago, there were about 1 – 2 million chimpanzees across 25 countries in Africa.  Now, just 350,00 remain.   So we need to do all we can to turn these losses around.   We need to end habitat loss, the illegal pet and bush meat trades and all other threats facing the chimpanzees.

So why choose the 14th July as World Chimpanzee Day?

It’s because on that day in 1960, Dr Jane Goodall first stepped foot into the now Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania to study chimpanzees in the wild.   She called attention to the species and today still works on their behalf.

Ways to support World Chimpanzee Day?

  1. Spreading the word about the day itself on social media using the hashtag #WorldChimpanzeeDay
  2. Host an event to raise awareness and give people the chance to find out more about chimpanzees
  3. Promote positive consumer behaviours such as encouraging mobile phone recycling and avoiding products with unsustainable palm oil in them
  4. Become a Chimp Guardian and adopt a chimpanzee (not literally, obviously) – there are 3 to choose from to help the Jane Goodall Institute help chimpanzees
  5. Become a member of the Jane Goodall Institute and support the work it does
  6. Have a go at the photo caption – a picture says 1,000 words!  You’ll find the photos on the website
  7. There’s a flyer you can download and put up to spread the word – download it here
  8. Be inspired and discover more about the Jane Goodall Institute

Get involved and help raise awareness


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