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The Time is Now - lobby for a Wilder Future on 26th June 2019

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On 26th June, there’s a mass lobby in central London to show our politicians the way to a Wilder Future.

Called “The Time is Now”, it represents a truly diverse range of people all over the UK unified by one thing:  the passionate desire to protect the things we love from climate change and environmental damage.   And the lobby is being organised by The Climate Coalition and Greener UK to tell politicians that we want to see action now.

The lobby is aiming to send a message to politicians that it’s time to end the UK’s contribution to climate change and pass ambitious laws to create healthier environment for both nature and people.

Tell politicians that The Time is Now

In Central London on 26th June 2019

Thousands will join an organised lobby line queuing around Westminster, separated by constituency and full of people keen to talk to their MPs about the environment.

1pm: The lobby begins.  Allow lots of time to find your constituency – there will be signposts for regions and constituencies. See the guide for more details.

2pm: Alarm clock moment! Whilst gathering in the lobby line, we're going to set off as many alarm clocks as possible to wake up Westminster and tell them to respond to the challenges the world is facing. Bring a portable alarm clock from home or use your phone! (I’d say ear protectors, too!)

1-4pm: Meet your MPs around parliament. 10,000 of us will meet with our MPs in the streets around Parliament, all at the same time! 

Stand up for nature on the 26 June 2019

The organisers are making it as easy as possible for people to get there:  here’s information about transport links and there are plenty of resources here, including FAQs, posters, how not to lobby your MP etc


Share everything on social media with the message (and I quote)...

Join me on 26th June for the UK's biggest meeting with MPs on climate change and the environment! Because #TheTimeIsNow for action. thetimeisnowmap.co.uk

If you can’t make it to London, here’s another alternative:

Take Action Now

Tell your MP why you think Nature matters and what you want to see.  Tell them why you care and what you believe.

The Westminster Government is in the process of writing the content of an Environment Bill.   That will set the direction of the natural world and our relationship with it.   This is a wonderful opportunity for people to put nature on the path to recovery and new life.

There won’t be another chance.  It’s time for politicians to LISTEN TO US for a change. 


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  1. peter whitcombe

    democracy means rule by the people,this has never happened before because the people were ignorant and deceived by the professional false talk of the politicains. Now after 25 years of internet it could happen......

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