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Do you want to get involved in a MASSIVE clean-op operation? Be a #LitterHero

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Well, the Daily Mail is running its gbspringclean.org until 23 April 2019, giving people all over the UK (and further afield, heck, why not?) the chance to tidy the country up and get rid of a lot of rubbish.

So far, over 484,000 people have signed up and the hope is that this number will go to 500,000.

There are 3 ways you can help with the GB Spring Clean:

  1. Pick up litter as an individual – pick up as much litter as you can over the course of a month

  2. Organise a group clean-up – get your family, friends, work colleagues, school, college group, charity involved – select the “private group” option when you register. 

  3. Join an organised group in your area – there’s an interactive map to find a public clean-up in your area.  New groups are being set up every day, so if there isn’t one when you sign up, keep checking back for your area to see if one has been established

The GB Spring Clean is asking all volunteers to separate the litter you find into 3 bags:  one for plastic bottles, one for aluminium cans and one for everything else.   You need to count up and photograph the bags you collect before they go to the local authority for disposal and recycling.

You can share your photos online using the hashtag #GBSpringClean

Cleaning up the world will help keep wildlife safe from rubbish which could otherwise harm them.  And it makes the world look a nicer place.

I always take a bag with me to pick up rubbish when I walk our dog;  seeing litter on the ground makes me so cross that I can’t bear to leave it, and in any case, I really worry that wildlife may see it and think it’s food…

Find out more about the GB Spring Clean here 


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