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Help Snow Leopards in the Boston Marathon

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Are you a lover of Snow Leopards?   Well, they are in a race for survival; and Charu Mishra, Director Science & Conservation for the Snow Leopard Trust, is in a race to help them!

He’s looking to raise $100 for snow leopard conservation for each one of the 26.2 miles he’ll be running in Boston in April.

Snow leopards are amazing athletes.   They can jump 30 feet in a leap, and chase down prey on sheer mountain cliffs in the snow.  They are incredible survivors in the mountains. 

But like so many species, they are under threat.  

In the case of snow leopards, they are threatened by poaching, retaliation killing and a loss of habitat and prey.

So Charu is running in the Boston Marathon to raise funds to help these wonderful, majestic big cats.

You can support Charu by making a donation for every mile he runs!  100% of your donation will go towards protecting snow leopards.

Plus you can go to Charu’s campaign page to guess his final run time.  Whoever is closest will win a Snow Leopard Trust t-shirt and a snow leopard adoption!


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