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Animal Programmes on TV tonight, Tuesday 22 January 2019

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There are several television programmes on tonight which are animal related which I thought I'd tell you about.

The first is at 7pm UK time on Channel 5 and it's called Koalas - Cute and Cuddly.

The programme explores the challenges facing the marsupials.  They are facing a dwindling food supply as people cut down their forest so reducing koala habitat.

The second programme is at 8pm, also on Channel 5, and is called Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly when trainer Graeme Hall tries to help the owners of a collie in Sheffield.  The dog's aggression has become so bad that people can't come to the house anymore.  

Also on Channel 4 at 8pm, The Secret Life of the Zoo is on Channel 4, when keepers introduce some young males to a South American blue poison dart frog.  

Also on More4 at 9pm, you can see Animal Airport, where hungry baboons arrive from Kuwait into Heathrow, and a cat arrives in a box which may be too small.

So good reasons to stay in and be cosy on the sofa! 


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