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Sir David Attenborough's new series Dynasties starts on 11 November 2018

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On Sunday 11 November, Sir David Attenborough has his new series starting on BBC1 at 8:30.

It’s called Dynasties

The amazing BBC Natural History Unit has spent 4 years filming some of the most endangered species on earth.  The results are in a five part series, the first of which follows a troop of chimpanzees who live in Senegal in West Africa.  The other animals featured are Emperor penguins, lions, tigers and painted wolves.

The detail is incredible and the film takes you right into the heart of family life.  It shows the relationships between the various characters and the determination the animals have to protect their family from challenges to their leadership and the environment around them. 

Here’s an exclusive preview from the first episode of Dynasties: meet David, the alpha chimpanzee whose leadership is under threat from younger contenders.

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