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Nest boxes at the RSPB Online Shop - buy 2 nest boxes and get £2 off

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Charity BirdLife International have produced 12 actions you can take life better for birds.

And one of those is to install a bird box.

Modern buildings lack convenient nesting holes, so nest boxes are a great way to give birds somewhere to nest and rest and shelter.

The RSPB Shop has boxes for a range of birds…

  • Migratory birds – swifts, swallows and house martins
  • Garden birds – robins, starlings, wrens, blue tits
  • Owls and birds of prey
This is the RSPB Classic Nest Box There are also nest boxes for specific species such as this one for sparrows This is a Swallow Nest Cup

At the moment, the RSPB has a special offer - buy 2 nest boxes and get £2 off.  This offer is subject to availability and ends on 7 July 2020.  

Fly away to see the nest boxes available from the RSPB Online Shop.  


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