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Cakes for Apes - get baking for orangutans from 1 to 30 April 2019

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International Animal Rescue (IAR) are running a fundraising campaign to help orangutans called Cakes for Apes from 1st to 30th April.   

All you need to do is to get baking and be social – have a cake sale for instance at home with friends, at work or in school or with your youth group.  And then donate the proceeds to IAR over the phone or online and help these endangered animals.

This way, funds can be raised to help IAR rescue orangutans, care for them and hopefully release them back to the wild.  If they can’t be released into the wild, they are kept permanently at the rescue centre.

IAR rescues and rehabilitates

  • baby orangutans snatched for their mothers and kept as pets
  • orangutans who’ve been kept in captivity, sold as pets
  • orangutans who have been stranded when their forest homes are destroyed by people  - they are relocated to safe, protected areas

The charity also has education and outreach programmes to encourage local communities to change and protect the orangutans.

It works to protect the habitat for orangutans by:

  • Encouraging sustainable farming so that the forest doesn’t have to be destroyed in the first place
  • Reforesting areas lost in fires
  • Creating free corridors for orangutans to move safely through so that they can move from one area to another

Find out more about the work IAR does for orangutans

Cakes for Apes has lots of recipes and you can register online for free for a fundraising pack.  There’s also a limited edition Ape-ron you can buy for £20 to help orangutans!

Swing over to Cakes for Apes here



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