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Celebrating 5 years of the Big Knit for Vet Kit for SPANA

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SPANA's Big Knit for Vet Kit is hitting a BIG year this year - it's entering into its 5th year.

SPANA help working animals in a number of countries around the world.  They treat animals needing help, and they train their owners and teach youngsters about animal welfare.

In the time it's been running, SPANA supporters have been busy knitting.   They've knitted over 200 animals, many of which head off to countries where SPANA works.  There, they are given to the children enrolled in SPANA's education programmes.

Amazingly, nearly £17,000 from 888 donations have been raised - all from the Big Knit! 

SPANA is hoping that 2018 will be better than ever for The Big Knit for Vet Kit.

You can order a Big Knit pack today online or call 020 7831 3999


Using one of SPANA's patterns you can knit Duncan the donkey, Hattie the horse, Oscar the ox or Emma the elephant!   You can also crochet Clarence the camel.  All the knitted animals will help SPANA treat animals in need who are working hard for their owners around the world.  

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