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Palm Oil Free Christmas - some help from Ethical Consumer

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If you want to have a palm oil free Christmas as much as possible, then take a look at the Ethical Consumer's guide.

Ethical Consumer have put a guide together showing a list of companies which receive their best rating for palm oil either

a) for being a palm oil free company or

b) for only using certified sustainable or organic palm oil.

They list the products from these best-rated companies that are palm oil free and you can take a look at products such as mince pies, biscuits, boxes of chocolates, and look at the supermarkets and see how they rate as well. 

So take a look, and hopefully this list will help us all make some decisions with palm oil and our use of the earth's resources in mind this Christmas, and on-going.  It will all help stop the rot of destruction, or at least reduce it.

Click here to go to the Ethical Consumer's Palm Oil Guide to Christmas Food


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