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International Snow Leopard Day is on 23rd October

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The 23rd October marks a very important day in the Big Cat Calendar - it's International Snow Leopard Day.

The Snow Leopard Trust is doing some amazing work for snow leopard conservation
©Snow Leopard Trust

The Snow Leopard Trust is based in the United States and they have these lovely e-cards I was going to suggest everyone send an e-card to a big cat loving friend or family member on International Snow Leopard Day to help raise awareness of the Snow Leopard Trust and the work they do towards snow leopard conservation.

Best laid plans, and all that....

When I checked their website this morning, it was to discover that they are in the process of updating their e-card page, so please put a note in your diary and send a friend or family member an e-card just to say hi in a few days, or weeks. 

The Snow Leopard Trust really is doing some amazing work with local communities to help snow leopards and it needs our support.  The Trust has programmes and staff in five key countries in Asia which have 75% of the world's snow leopard population.  Please take a moment to paws today and look at the work the Trust undertakes for these magnificent animals by visiting their website.

Meantime, if you're looking to buy a gift for a big cat lover or snow leopard lover, you could adopt a snow leopard instantly by which you receive an email from $25.00.  You could buy a gift from their shop (please note it is in the US and there are shipping costs).  Equally, you could make a donation.


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