August Awareness Month

 4-25 Art World Conservation
Art World Conservation is hosting a spectacular 3 week charity event in August, at The Royal Horticultural Society Halls in London, to raise awareness about wildlife, conservation and climate change.  Click here for more info, and if you are a charity and would like to be involved please contact Art World Conservation
10 World Lion Day
The campaign aims to highlight the plight of African and Asiatic lion whilst also demonstrating our shared global heritage of the species. The lion plays a significant role biologically, culturally, symbolically, economically and more. It is hoped that the recognition of the species’ worldwide importance will result in more active conservation worldwide also. More info


Streak for Tigers - 10 August 2017 at 19:00 UK time 
A group of tigers is called a streak.... so ZSL London Zoo is calling on cheeky challengers to get their kits off and join the naked run in support of  ZSL Tiger conservation work.  To secure a place, you need to pay a £20 registration fee (£18 for students) and pledge to raise a minimum of £150 (excluding gift aid).  Streak away to ZSL London Zoo for more info

12  World Elephant Day
To bring attention to the urgent plight of Asian and African elephants - here are some ways to help

Birdfair 2017 
"Saving Paradise in the Pacific" is this year's theme at the Birdwatcher's Glastonbury.  Held at the Rutland Water Nature Reserve, this event is organised by the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust and the RSPB.   It encompasses the whole spectrum of the birdwatching industry and also raises funds to support global bird conseration.  Since 1989, it's raised nearly £4.3 million supporting many important conservation projects

19 International Orangutan Day
Raising awareness of the plight of the orangutan and how we can all help - avoiding products with unsustainable palm oil in them, for a start
19 International Homeless Animals Day
To shed light on pet overpopulation and the spay/neuter solution.
26-27 International Bat Night
A celebration of bats, with events taking place all around the country so that you can see and hear bats in their natural habitat. Find out how you can help bats here.