Art World Conservation Event in London


Art World Conservation

Art World Conservation is hosting a spectacular 3 week charity event from 4-25 August 2017, at The Royal Horticultural Society Halls in London.

The event has been planned to raise awareness about wildlife, conservation and climate change.  It is also bringing conservation charities together to use this event as a platform to raise awareness of their current projects and causes.  

Amazing 3D life sized paintings of elephants, giraffes, sharks, polar bears will inspire anyone visiting the exhibition  to learn more about the natural world.  You can find out more about the exhibition here

The exhibition is just amazing.  I went to see it on the preview evening.  When I walked into the main hall and saw the picture of the African Bull Elephant and the Rothschild Giraffe at the end of it, I was just blown away.  The sides of the hall have other fantastic pictures of a Siberian tiger, a Cheetah and her gorgeous cub, a lioness and zebra, and a black rhino and calf, amongst others.  

I've been to a lot of art museums and exhibitions in my life time and I've never seen anything like this before.  I really felt a connection with the animals and the landscapes around them.  

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The size of the man and child gazing at the picture gives you a clue as to its height! 

There are also talks and lectures from day to day - from leading experts from organisations such as Born Free, International Fund for Animal Welfare, Wildlife SOS, The Gorilla Organisation, ADI and Helping Rhinos.  So it's an excellent chance to really discover more about the world of conservation and the challenges it faces.

The exhibition has taken 10 years to bring together - don't miss it!  Admission is free, and it's held at the Horticultural Halls which are fairly close to London's Victoria Station from 10am to 8pm Monday to Sunday. 

Hopefully this exhibition will fill everyone visiting it with a determination to do their bit for the natural world and help the wildlife which live in it and who share it with us.   I know I came away determined to do a lot more.  

This event will help raise awareness about wildlife, conservation and climate change